Founded in 1973, the Pike and Shot Society is an international organization that promotes interest in the warfare of the Early Modern Period, a time that saw radical change in the way in which wars were fought world-wide. Its main activity is the publication of its highly respected bi-monthly journal Arquebusier as well as specialist books, monographs and booklets.


The Early Modern Period was a time of major change in the history of warfare. It broadly ranged from 1400, with the first massed use of handguns by the Hussites (of Bohemia), to the end of the Great Northern War in 1721, which saw the final demise of the pike as a front line battlefield weapon, and the start of the rise of Russian power.

It was more than just a time of transition, albeit one that would directly impact warfare from Austerlitz in 1805 to Desert Storm today. It was truly an age of military revolution, glossed over too long by the historical community. The Society seeks to correct that shortfall.To many people the Thirty Years’ War and the English Civil War are probably the Early Modern Period’s most recognised wars, but there is far more to investigate. The period also covers the Wars of the Roses; the Conquistadors and the Amerindians (such as Aztecs and Incas); the classic Swiss pike block of the 16th Century, together with the Spanish tercio that was its nemesis; the Dutch battles for independence from Spain; to say nothing about the age of the Japanese Samurai. In addition the period covers the wars of Louis XIV of France including the War of the Spanish Succession. Finally, as if that were not enough, consider the naval aspect of the period, including Lepanto, the Spanish Armada and the titanic clashes of the 17th Century that defined the three Anglo-Dutch Wars.


Arquebusier reflects the interests and research of the Society’s members and other military historians. Authors offer material free of charge so the Society keeps its subscription to the minimum. The international nature of the Society means that it has access to unique material, which it publishes for the benefit of members. Further details can be found elsewhere on this Website.

In addition to Arquebusier, Pike and Shot Society members benefit from discounts on a wide range of books and other products of interest. Although based in Great Britain, it remains an important aim of the Society to recruit members from around the world.